More Anderson Power Pole Connector holder

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More Anderson Power Pole Connector holder

Postby Jack Crow » 2017-Sep-Sun-16-Sep

Hi all,
Went to show and demo some of the 3D printed projects at the Virginia Beach Hamfest yesterday.

Had some interesting moments.

If I had more of the rugged USB chargers, I could have sold them all.
People liked it. The next big show is Frostfest in Richmond VA come January. Have a goal.

Had two guys want me to quote for the big battery box.
Followed up on that.

At the show, while I was dinking with the battery boxes found an inconsistency in my design.
Had the USB charger in horizontal mode, and the Anderson' power pole connectors were mounted in vertical.
That made them vulnerable to being snapped off.
That is self contradiction.
Not a way to win a sale.

Have a chance to fix that and some other issues.

My existing two inch meter panel has a kinda narrow 'flange' on it for mounting.
Made the part for the newer design wider and thicker.

Been noodling ideas for a Gen 2 product.

This is a rough prototype.
It is actually three parts bolted together.
Top cover, center, bottom.

Top View rear
This top side is will be visible to the end user.
(Yes I know I 'bent' it, it was still a little bit soft when I took it off the build stage.)
The top cover and center section.
It's not finished.
Some dimensions are off but it's the idea that counts at this stage.
9-10-2017 008.JPG

This is the bottom view.
That is a 2 inch puck for centering on a two inch hole in what ever mounting panel will be used.
The big holes on the side are wire passages, the center hole is to line up the drill bit for the hole saw to cut into the case.
9-10-2017 009.JPG

This is where the external cables will 'jack in'.
Had to recess the hex cap screw so it won't snag on any of the cables.
9-10-2017 010.JPG

Some of the steps to get to the final design.
9-10-2017 011.JPG

That is how the second half of the weekend got spent.

Will follow up with a better part soon.
Want to see if I can make room for a digital volt meter movement and an On/Off switch.
That may be very tough.
More when I know more.

Jack Crow aka Radio Mike
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More Anderson Power Pole Connector holder



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