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Ham radio battery box Mk 3

PostPosted: 2017-Aug-Sun-15-Aug
by Jack Crow
Hi all,
I have no more plans to produce any more variants.
This will be the biggest.

For the moment I have batteries for three units, this is the demo / prototype unit.
Numbers two and three will have some minor improvements in them.

Will be taking this around to ham radio club meetings and trying to earn some orders.

For the record, this 18 amp gell cell is huge.
Would not fit in the harbor freight box.
One of the ham radio buds found this box in a gun store.
It's intended to tote ammo around.
Was on sale for about $16 and solid enough for the task.
Used one of my 'standard' two inch panels for the meter, on/off switch, and Anderson connectors.

8-6-2017 002.JPG

One of the variants I have been thinking about is to fab up a panel to install a small radio.
Thinking about one of those inexpensive Chinese dual band units, cut into a panel.

Thin plywood and a Rotostrip tool, I should be able to cut out a tracing of the opening.
Fab up some right angle brackets, and we are off to the races.

Also thinking about buying an inexpensive charger and building it into the case.

8-6-2017 003.JPG

To get this all to fit took some doing.

The big brackets at the top and bottom of the battery are the same part.
Made them very tough. Nearly five hours each to print.

The hold down clamps on the top of the verticals are different.

The top hold down is adapted to fit into openings in the top of the battery.
Nothing we can see in this photos, but it will slow down motion in the three axis involved.

8-6-2017 004.JPG

The bottom bracket has the same vertical, and the clamp part is a simple hold down.

The left and right make up for side to side movement.
When it's all said and done, that battery is not moving.

8-6-2017 009.JPG

On the whole it's mass is fairly well centered under the handle, so carry is not too bad on the wrist.

One new addition to the series, I found my collection of circuit breakers.
Installed one in this case.
Works well.

8-6-2017 012.JPG

Made some other little projects, nothing this grand in scale.

One of the down sides of this project is the volume of hardware required.
If memory is any good at all, over 30 screws went into this thing. Along with nuts and washers.
A lot of stainless steel parts.

More when I know more.

Jack Crow aka Radio Mike in Virginia Beach

Re: Ham radio battery box Mk 3

PostPosted: 2017-Aug-Thu-21-Aug
by Jack Crow
Follow ups to the above.

Have on order these little power supply modules that can take 12 volts and convert it to what the USB chargers work on.
Had a number of requests for being able to charge phones off this things. Was not a bad idea.
The thinking is to mount them flat with the surface, so that they won't snag with a cable plugged in
Will have to work out a housing. The supply's them selves are cheap, less than a dollar each.
Was a big spending sprung for five of them.

Also been producing internal parts for two more of these boxes. (Have three batteries at the moment)
The brackets, and hold downs have been made.
Have meters on order for more meter panels.

Next month there is a ham radio flea market here in Virginia Beach, and in January there is Frost Fest and Winter Fest to attend.

More when I know more.
Jack Crow aka Radio Mike