Walmart bag support ideas

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Walmart bag support ideas

Postby Jack Crow » 2017-Jul-Sat-14-Jul

Hi all,
Like most I have a love/hate relationship with the little plastic bags I get at the Walmart.
They have to be useful for something else.

In Kuwait they were known as "The National Bird", the desert wind catches them and they fly.
Usually to be plastered all over a fence. Not attractive, not good for the environment.

My first use of them was a little variant of the S Hook.
Part snaps over wire frame shelving and the other supports the handles in the bag.
I use this for little litter that the printer produces.

The over view.
7-22-2017 007.JPG

Time for a close up
7-22-2017 008.JPG

This bag fixation is not over yet.

Had to do some food shopping this week and came home with a bunch more of these bags.

When two half gallons of liquid are placed in a bag, they get heavy.
So you want to make as few trips as possible from the car to the kitchen.
So we load up all the bags on one arm and leave the other for keys and door knobs.
Those bags dig into the arm and make what should be a simple task painful.

Worked out this grab handle for moving the groceries.
There is plenty of room for more bags, not just the sample shown.
I wanted to center the heavy load, most other items can be hung off the side and still fit through a door.
7-22-2017 005.JPG

It's a rev one kind of item. Tweaks are being considered.

7-22-2017 004.JPG

That is the news on the 'bag' front.
Be well all.
Jack Crow aka Radio Mike in Virginia Beach
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Walmart bag support ideas



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