Server PSU conversion project

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Server PSU conversion project

Postby Jack Crow » 2017-Jul-Sat-16-Jul

Hi all,
Was watching a recent Printerbot video where I think Brook was talking about replacing the ATX PSU with a dedicated switcher unit for new deliveries.

Have used them before and they offer good value for the price.

Got to thinking about an old PSU I had here. Got it at years ago at a ham radio flea market for about 25 bucks.
Makes 12 volts at 26 amps. Cheap.
For a reason.
First off it was never intended to 'stand alone'.
It plugs into a server rack.
That rack also is the source of it's cooling air.

So if you search the web for HP 280127-001 you will find people selling these things, and guys in the RC plane area using them for charging big battery packs.

In the time before 3d printing I cobbled up a fan mount with tape and plastic parts.
Unpleasant to look at.
Not at all useful. Got perhaps an hours worth of use in the last five years.

I now live in the age of making parts.
This things time has come around.

Back to Brook, saw his talk and got inspired to make a fan and connector house for the plug in end of the PSU.
While I was at it, worked out some mounting brackets and a finger guard for the fan.

That fan, it's something special. It's two potent fans in one house. Moves a lot of air. It's the only one I have.

The controls are fairly straight forward.

The left most switch is the 'on/off' and I get this by breaking the 'remote on' line of the PSU.

The inside switch selects either one or two fans. It gets loud.

The meter is a standard four digit 0 to 30 vdc with good accuracy.

What can be improved is the banana jacks.
When I get some time will update to either a binding post or re work the box to fit an Anderson Power Pole connector.

Right now Im printing the second bracket.
Will show this unit around to the radio clubs and see if anybody needs more of these parts.

Keep it safe guys.
Thanks for the good advice.
Jack Crow aka Radio Mike
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Server PSU conversion project



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