Diode lasers can engrave on painted aluminum and stones

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Diode lasers can engrave on painted aluminum and stones

Postby endurance-robots » 2017-Mar-Mon-08-Mar

Some useful materials that powerful diode lasers can do alser etching on stone and painted aluminum

just type in Youtube: "George Fomitchev aluminum"

will be happy to tell you how we made it!)
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Diode lasers can engrave on painted aluminum and stones



Re: Diode lasers can engrave on painted aluminum and stones

Postby Mooselake » 2017-Mar-Tue-14-Mar

Endurance Robots seems to make a reasonably decent product, but they're notorious spammers banned in many places. I've had to ban them on other forums.

I didn't try searching for the youtube video, but what they're doing is not etching aluminum. They're burning off the paint - it can look nice, I played with a little bit with my CO2 laser, but it's not touching the aluminum base. Stone, on the other hand, will engrave nicely. Like glass there's a small amount of water in the material that is converted to steam and pops off very tiny glass chips. You can get some very nice effects, at least with a low end cheap chinese CO2 laser ($350-$400 US, delivered, a lot of the time. The prices vary widely). A diode laser powerful enough to get the same results is usually big $, but like I said I didn't try to view the videos.

Endurance Robots is a Russian company (extremely unlikely to be interested in US elections, just in case you wondered in these days of the Russian bugaboo) with some other offices. Their US office is a few miles from my late mother-in-laws Florida house. I've driven past it, just a basic Florida house off the freeway. Planned to stop and visit but just ran out of time on what was otherwise a very busy family vacation (and a gulf toadfish catching expedition, so ugly nobody knows if it's good to eat, although it's portrait is my smartphone's background).

I'll leave or ban them based on there being somebody here who is interested. For one post a year they're not doing any real damage. The product is only slightly related to 3D printers (stick a laser on your 3D printer and get a low quality small footprint burner; gearbest.com has some more usable dedicated examples you can use with LaserWeb, and there's always the K40.

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