Printrbot for printing RC parts?

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Printrbot for printing RC parts?

Postby obn » 2015-May-Mon-22-May

I've been thinking about purchasing a Printrbot Metal Plus 3D Printer. I know nothing about 3D printing, but I want to use the printer to design and print out parts for a custom RC drone (props, a base, etc..). Has anyone ever done something like this with a consumer grade 3D printer before? Is it even possible?
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Printrbot for printing RC parts?



Re: Printrbot for printing RC parts?

Postby KD6HQ » 2015-May-Mon-23-May

I have not but others have

One place to look

It will take some time to figure out how to best use the printer.
I suggest you do some reading first.
This form is a good place to start.
Good luck.
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Re: Printrbot for printing RC parts?

Postby Mooselake » 2015-May-Tue-07-May

We have several RC people here, so yes it'll work.

3D printing has a big learning curve, like a lot of complicated hobbies - say RC models :) . Some days hitting your thumb with a hammer will be more fun, but when you get it to work it can be amazing what you can make. Just factor in those bandaids, and keep the sledge hammer out of reach.

You might consider starting with a Simple Metal rather than the Metal+. Your first printer will be a big learning experience (and a worthwhile one), and give you a good idea of just what you need. Two printers can be pretty handy, or you can sell the SM and get most of the money back, and if it doesn't work out you won't have as much invested. This is a fast moving business, so in a few months they'll have the artificially intelligent Metal Ultimate (well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but there will be another new model), to replaced the MP. Just a thought...

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Re: Printrbot for printing RC parts?

Postby plexus » 2015-May-Tue-09-May

I fly RC helis and a some quads. yes you can use 3D printing to print parts, and I have, however it's not easy. first you have to learn a 3D CAD program enough to be able to model the parts. I fly scales smaller than 250 and so the parts are small. its hard to make parts so small with the details that are usually needed. I've printed skids, battery holders. I don't think you can print blades that will work as the accuracy is just not there. you can't really print any moving parts - mostly static parts like skids etc. maybe someone has been able to print blades and hubs and things I don't know...
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Re: Printrbot for printing RC parts?

Postby xaviarrob » 2015-May-Wed-23-May

Just printed a mini quad today and wish I had the funds for the parts for it, really love what the printer can open up though, also thinking to trying some small rc cars
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