Handy way to create threaded holes

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Handy way to create threaded holes

Postby wd5gnr » 2014-Mar-Sun-19-Mar

I picked up one of these the other day:

http://www.harborfreight.com/sae-drill- ... 95528.html

Very handy. Yes, I have a tap and die set, but this is very convenient. Mount the right one in your drill, drill it in, reverse, drill out. Done. Don't even need oil when tapping plastic. Of course, tapping plastic isn't always great, but if you need a tapped hole....
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Handy way to create threaded holes



Re: Handy way to create threaded holes

Postby redwood » 2014-Mar-Sun-22-Mar


I came across this video of Werner Berry's mod to put fuse some nut insert in the plastic. Then you can fasten some bolts.
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Re: Handy way to create threaded holes

Postby greenb » 2014-Apr-Sat-22-Apr

I believe these are called Metal threaded inserts. These seem to bond very well with the plastic and have great holding strength, I think this would be fun to play around with because they come in different sizes and designs. Here is an article describing them more if anybody is interested because parts need to be designed around the insert to insure maximum effectiveness. http://www.designworldonline.com/maintain-joint-integrity-when-converting-from-metal-to-plastic/

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