Heated Acetone Vapor Bath

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Heated Acetone Vapor Bath

Postby mikemwa53 » 2013-Sep-Sat-12-Sep

I had heard of using a heated acetone vapor bath before but never tried it until now. It's quick and works real good. These are a couple parts I wanted to smooth out.


All I did was use a wide mouth Mason jar and some Aluminum foil for the cover with a hole in it to hang the part from. I put about 1/8" of acetone in the jar, set my heated bed to 90 degrees C, sat the jar on the heated bed and let it warm up some. I don't know how warm the jar got but it wasn't near 90C.


It only took about 5 minutes in the vapor bath and this is how it came out. Pretty smooth and much stronger parts.


If you try this make sure you hang the part somewhere for a while because when it comes out of the vapor bath the surface is soft and gummy but will harden up real nice after it airs out.
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Heated Acetone Vapor Bath



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