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New OpenSCAD release

Postby thawkins » 2015-Mar-Tue-17-Mar

Dear OpenSCAD users and developers,

OpenSCAD 2015.03 has just been released:

This release adds a number of features which has been in development for some time. Most prominent are text(), offset() and list comprehension functionality, as well as a better editor and other GUI improvements implemented during last year’s Google Summer of Code.
A summary of changes since last release follows.

The source code, as well as binaries for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux can be downloaded from

Lots of thanks go to everyone who have contributed to this release through development, translation, bug reports, bug fixes, documentation, discussions, as well as testing the development snapshots!

Take care,


**Language Features:**
* Added text() module for 2D text
* Added offset() module for 2D offsets
* Added list comprehensions and let()
* Added concat() function
* Added chr() function
* surface() can now take PNG images as input
* min() and max() can now take a vector argument
* 2D minkowski can now handle polygons with holes
* Variables can now be assigned in local blocks without using assign()

**Program Features:**
* Added Toolbar icons
* New code editor based on QScintilla
* Added Splash screen
* Added SVG export
* Added AMF export
* Added --viewall and --autocenter cmd-line parameters
* GUI is now translated into German, Czech, Spanish, French and Russian
* MDI (Multiple Document Interface) is now available on all platforms
* Color schemes for viewer and editor can be user-edited using JSON files
* GUI components are now dockable
* Added Tickmarks on axes

* Performance improvement: 2D (clipper), preview, hull, minkowski, surface
* Performance improvement: Reduce duplicate evaluation of identical expressions
* Better recursion behavior
* STL export and import is noew more robust
* Internal cavities are better supported
* New examples
* Windows cmd-line behaves better
* Better mirror() and scale() behavior when using negative factors

* polyhedron() now takes a faces= argument rather than triangles=
* assign() is no longer needed. Local variables can be created in any scope

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New OpenSCAD release



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