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crawlbot opendesk

Postby jeffhunt » 2016-May-Thu-15-May

Does anyone know if crawlbot can be used for opendesk projects? I don't own a crawlbot yet, I have an X carve. My main interest in in opendesk furniture.
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crawlbot opendesk



Re: crawlbot opendesk

Postby Mooselake » 2016-May-Thu-17-May

A quick look at opendesk's implies it uses standard file formats, so you need to answer a few questions. Will it cut large enough parts? Do you have the appropriate software to generate gcode (in effect cutting and control instructions) for those parts? Are you willing to tweak the designs to work with your material, such as dealing with plywood thickness variations?

Opendesk's looks like a site to match up designs with people who want to build them for either personal use or sale. How adept are you at using the xcarve? If you expect to make money with the crawlbot, how good are you at pricing your work to make a reasonable return, and then selling your services? If it's all for fun that doesn't matter, but for a commercial venture the crawlbot might not be the right device.

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