Morphi - simple modeling software I was very impressed with.

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Morphi - simple modeling software I was very impressed with.

Postby orangefurball » 2015-Sep-Wed-17-Sep

Hello everyone!

I went to Maker Faire this past weekend in New York and was able to see a lot of new and exciting technologies. My favorite thing that I saw by far however was Morphi. The woman who designed the software gave me a quick overview and tour of what it does exactly and I have to say I was impressed.

It is available for iOS devices and Mac OS X right now, but a Winodows and Android version is due out soon (she did not mention Linux versions at all)

A few stand out features I saw was the ability to punch holes through shapes using hand drawn items, the library of pre-made shapes, or by importing pictures and converting them to a 3D model.

Let me talk more about the image importing - that was AWESOME! She was able to take a black and white image that had a ton of small features and punch the pattern through a square within minutes.

I can see this being used for many different applications, I don't see it being used to make complex mechanical parts, but simple shapes that an everyday consumer may need to make could be knocked out quickly.

The best part is the price - $7!! That seemed like a steal and I'll be looking forward to getting it when it hits Android. I just figured I would share this as I have never heard of it until this weekend.

Here is a link to the website for anyone interested, I would definitely recommend trying it!
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Morphi - simple modeling software I was very impressed with.



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