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The CAD skills you want

Postby PCBGOGO » 2018-Aug-Fri-02-Aug

CAD skills article
1. How to save the file as low version by default in CAD?
In the drawing interface input OP - click open and save TAB - in the file save - save for another low version can be selected.
2. How to set rotation and non-rotation of text image?
Before mirroring, input MIRRTEXT instruction (input new value 0 means no rotation; Input new value 1 represents rotation) -- after the instruction is completed, input the MI mirror instruction.
3. Version conversion of CAD
A. High version of CAD can open all low version drawings;
B. Low version of CAD shall not open high version of drawings;
C. Turn the high version into the low version, and directly click save as to change the file type to any low version;
To convert a lower version to a higher version is more complex and requires third-party software, also known as version converters.
4. How to solve the problem when the option is invalid?
The correct setting should be to be able to select multiple objects in succession, but sometimes, the continuous selection object will fail and only the last selected object can be selected.
OP select SHIFT key add to selection set
SHIFT key is used to add to the selection set "tick off", otherwise the selection is not valid.
5. How to solve the problem when filling is invalid?
Sometimes when it is filled, it cannot be filled out. In addition to system variables, it needs to be checked in the OP option.
OP-- show -- apply entity fill (tick)
6. How to merge multiple lines?
Input PE instruction -- select a line to be merged, input Y, and then input J -- select all lines to be merged.
7. What if the middle mouse button is not working well?
Normally, CAD rollers are used to zoom in and out, and to pan (press and hold), but sometimes when you press the wheel, instead of pan, you get the next menu.
At this point, simply adjust the system variable mbuttonpan, starting with: 1 to support pan when you press and drag the button or pulley.
8. CAD command three-key restore
What if the system variables in CAD are inadvertently changed, or some parameters are intentionally adjusted? No reloading or individual modifications are required.
OP options -- configuration -- reset
Note: some of the options, such as the size of the cross cursor, require some adjustments after recovery.
9. CAD skills
As we all know, there are two keys to determine, one for carriage return and one for space, but let's right click to replace them.
OP option - user system configuration - use the shortcut menu (tick) in the drawing area to right-click in - tick all the duplicate commands.
10. How to solve the problem that the layout is missing in the command line?
OP - options - displays - display layout and model tabs (tick).
11. If you need to print the same line line twice, how to set it?
In other words, how do I save the print list?
The OP option -- print -- adds the print list, but before you do that, you have to create your own list of examples.
12. How to display the scroll bar in the graphics window?
OP -- display -- the scroll bar can be displayed in the graph window.
13. How to solve the problem that the circle diagram is not round?
Method 1: this simple, direct input instruction RE can;
Method 2: OP - show - turn the circle or arc smoothness up a bit can.
14. How to solve the problem of Chinese characters not showing or entering Chinese characters into question marks?
A: the reason may be:
1) the corresponding font type does not use Chinese font, such as hztxt.shx, etc.;
2) there is no document of Chinese character shape in the current system; You should copy the used shape file into the font directory of AutoCAD;
3) for some symbols, such as Greek letters, the corresponding font size file must also be used, otherwise it will be displayed as a question mark. If you can't find the wrong font, or you don't have a good eye, or you're a little impatient, reset the correct font and size, rewrite it, and then use a small brush to tap the new typeface to brush the wrong font. (note: the system has some original fonts, but sometimes Chinese characters are lost due to wrong operation, or other external factors, which will cause great inconvenience to you, when you go to someone else's computer to copy some fonts.)
15. How to reduce the file size?
A: after the graphics are finished, execute the PURGE command to PURGE any excess data, such as unused blocks, no physical layers, and unused lines, fonts, and sizing styles, to effectively reduce the file size.
It usually takes two to three cleanups. -purge, you'll take a minus sign, and you'll clean up a little bit more.
16. What if the DWG file is broken?
Answer: file - drawing utility - repair, select the file you want to repair.
17. How to solve the problem that the input text height cannot be changed?
A: when the height value of the font used is not 0, the DTEXT command does not prompt for the input height when writing the text. In this way, the height of the text written is unchanged, including the size marking using the font.
18. Why are some graphics displayed and not printed?
A: this is what happens if the graphics are drawn on a layer automatically generated by AutoCAD. Avoid these layers.
19. How to set the mirrored font to remain non-rotating?
If the value is 0, rotate if the mirrored font is not rotated.
20. How to modify the block?
Answer: many people think that the block cannot be modified, so they will blow it up, and then combine it and re-define it into blocks. Here is an easy way:
Modify block command: REFEDIT, press the prompt and use the command: REFCLOSE, make sure to save.
21. How to solve the problem that the font printed is hollow?
Enter the TEXTFILL command at the command line, and the font is hollow if the value is 0. If the value is 1, the font is solid.
22. How to input special symbols?
We know "Ф" with the diameter of the said control code % % C, said the plane of the "+" with a control code % % P, mark symbol "° with control code" % % D. But how to input in CAD?
1) T text command, and drag out a text frame;
2) in the dialog box, right-click, symbol, and some options will appear.
How do I square it?
The graph is marked first, and then special characters such as square can be selected from the @pull-down menu in the text format menu with ED command.
How to recover an error file?
Sometimes the CAD drawings we have been working hard for several days will suddenly fail to open due to power failure or other reasons, and there is no backup file. At this time, we can try the following methods to restore:
Select the draw utility /Recover item from the File (File) menu, Select the File to be recovered from the Select File dialog box that pops up, and confirm that the system begins performing the restore File operation.
25. How to eliminate the point markers?
In AutoCAD, sometimes an intersection mark will be generated at the mouse click. Use the BLIPMODE command and type OFF at the prompt line to eliminate it.
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The CAD skills you want



Re: The CAD skills you want

Postby Mooselake » 2018-Aug-Fri-16-Aug

PCBgogo is a Chinese PCB manufacturer, seems to have decent prices from a very quick scan. I can't decide if this is of any relevance to our forum, or if they should be banned and the post deleted. We do have some users who make their own PCBs. Any opinions?

@PCBGOGO, any comments? This is an unofficial support forum for a 3D printer manufacturer who's no longer in business. How does your product help us?

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Re: The CAD skills you want

Postby novice » 2018-Aug-Fri-19-Aug

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Re: The CAD skills you want

Postby RetireeJay » 2018-Aug-Sat-12-Aug

A second post has been deleted and the user is now banned. No significant link to Printrbot printers.
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