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CAD Suggestion

Postby MileHigh3DII » 2017-Feb-Sun-00-Feb

This 3D printing really kicks me in the butt at so many levels. I've finally gotten bed adhesion to acceptable headache level with Buildtak. The major hurdle for me now is CAD design. I'm not a trained engineer and I really struggle getting things from my head to an STL file I can print. I know a lot of it is simply actually knowing what I want- I always have to redesign things 304 times because they don't work or I don't see issues of interaction.

I can do Tinkercad and I have used 123Design. 123 drives me nuts. It doesn't seem to behave predictably. I really like some of the finer tools like radiusing edges. I find simple things much easier to do in Tinkercad. I really want something that is as simple as TInkerCADs block system and straightforward L measuring tool, but with the ability to do more complex things like radius edges in 123D.

I also wonder about using a pen integration of some sort? Does that help? After all the hardware and software issues I've overcome, the inability to get what is in my head into a print is the last thing. Part of it is that I don't use the tools enough, but I get so frustrated I just go away for a month or so.
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CAD Suggestion



Re: CAD Suggestion

Postby frankv » 2017-Feb-Sun-13-Feb

FWIW, I've been using for a year or so. I like it (obviously) and have never used TinkerCAD or 123D.

I does the advanced Fillet/Chamfer thing (amongst lots of other things), and I find it easy to use.

However, any CAD package is going to have a big learning curve.

Some others you might want to look at are FreeCAD and OpenSCAD, or perhaps Meshmixer or Blender if you're more into organic than mechanical stuff.
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Re: CAD Suggestion

Postby trice001 » 2017-Mar-Fri-07-Mar

thanks for this type of best and good suggestion.
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Re: CAD Suggestion

Postby __Vinz__ » 2017-May-Thu-00-May


Just a note to say that I use FreeCAD and I love it but as frankv said, there is quite a bit of learning curve. It has an amazing community and tons of tutorials on Youtube.
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