Converted PrintrBotPlus to resin , need to hack software

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Converted PrintrBotPlus to resin , need to hack software

Postby pbjbentz » 2015-Apr-Wed-03-Apr

Hey, it's been too long since I flashed the firmware and forgot all about how.
But more, I don't know the code well enough to edit for the following:

I removed the extruder and replaced it with a UV laser.

I don't need extruder heated
I don't need z-axis movement
I don't need print bed heated

How can I hack the software to run without waiting for the extruder and print bed to heat up. I'm using repetier, but it keeps crashing when I try to look at the g-code.

I don't know what all the code numbers stand for to be able to find particular items for modification.

The z-axis I can just disconnect the screws so it won't move. I might need z-axis for the resin plate to move in the future, but for the moment, I'm trying to think of a way to spread new resin layer on after each slice prints.

Any help is appreciated.
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Converted PrintrBotPlus to resin , need to hack software



Re: Converted PrintrBotPlus to resin , need to hack software

Postby orangefurball » 2015-Apr-Wed-04-Apr

You'll probably have to modify and repack your own firmware to do this as Marlin has a "dangerous extrude" prevention. This means the extruder actually has to heat up to whatever the preset is.

Now you can just remove the restriction in the Marlin file via the Arduino IDE, remove the heated bed code, and just unplug the Z axis motors. Then recompile into a .hex file and reflash via Atmel FLIP software.
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