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Firmware on Simple Pro

Postby goofdad » 2017-Nov-Thu-21-Nov

I just acquired a Simple Pro. I'm quite happy with the build quality and the print quality ... however I'm not particularly fond of the cloud interface and the front panel interface. Also, the firmware seems to be missing key elements. Ex: I tried issuing an M501 from octoprint produces an Alarm of invalid gcode and a disconnect.

Is there a way to flash a straight Marlin firmware? It would need to support that beautiful graphical touch screen?

I've searched the forum for "Simple Pro" and "Pro firmware" ... not sure what else to search for :)

Thanks in adavance.
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Firmware on Simple Pro



Re: Firmware on Simple Pro

Postby cbxbiker61 » 2017-Nov-Fri-00-Nov

The G2 (arm based) board on the newer PrintrBots does not use Marlin. When I looked at it earlier this year, I found that the PrintrBoard G2 configuration is in the main firmware source tree (i forgot the firmware's name but you can google it). You should be able to download that and hack it.
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