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Mod Must-Have list?

Postby daewootech » 2013-Jun-Wed-13-Jun

hey just ordered my LC V2 and as i wait im doing as much homework as possible, one of the main things im looking up is improvements, i noticed alot of people on thingiverse have z-axis stabilizers and other features like such where it helps with wobble, or some of the filament guides and such, my question is what starter additions, modifications would you say are a "must-have" for your printers?
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Mod Must-Have list?



Re: Mod Must-Have list?

Postby REPRAP SQUAD » 2013-Jun-Wed-14-Jun

I have a Printrbot plus v2 which is other than size completely identical to the lc v2. I have on my WordPress site a bunch of mods and details on them. You can find the link below. I have added info on all good mods ans well as mods ive done to my v2. I would recommend checking it out. Welcome to the Printrbot family and if you ever have any questions or need any help im always available. I added a quick pic of my pb plus.
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Re: Mod Must-Have list?

Postby eckerput » 2013-Jun-Wed-14-Jun

#1 something to ensure your bed is flat across the whole range of movement of the head... Most people go with a glass plate, but aluminum is also used.

It looks like the printer now comes with bed leveling and a fan, but those would have been #2 and #3. It looks like it also comes with X and Y belt tensioners so you won't need those either. I'd say start with the glass plate and see what you think you need based on how well it prints. Not every printer needs every upgrade. It all depends on what you are printing and if any parts of your printer are a bit more wobbly than they should be.
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Re: Mod Must-Have list?

Postby Tdeagan » 2013-Jul-Mon-19-Jul

The mod I've done that has given me the most straightforward satisfaction has been swapping the Z threaded rods for metric rods. It's not a critical mod by any means, but it does two things very well and without fuss. First, it makes the selection of the Z steps per mm very simple. The exact number depends on which size you get (I bucked the M5 trend and went with M8.) No more weird floating point numbers, instead a lovely integer. Second, it allows selections of level heights that don't fall prey to the dreaded ribbing math (see for a great write up.)

Certainly I agree that this is less important than a flat printing surface, but once you've go that under control, consider trying out some new threads.
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