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Binding play

PostPosted: 2018-Jul-Sun-19-Jul
by RPearce
alright ive been struggling with this for a few weeks, i have a play, upgraded its bed size to 12"x4"x5.5" LWH now recently what was happening was that on long/tall prints my machine would start skipping about an inch up and progressively get worse as it went. its the motor not being able to push/pull its not slipping on the cog. i cannot find anywhere in the Cura command box to tell it to send more power to the motor to compensate.

i used 1/4" aluminium plate, with 2 6" heated beds under it. its already fairly heavy but cant be much more then a plus bed. if anyone knows the plus info maybe i can tell it its a plus and change its bed size

Re: Binding play

PostPosted: 2018-Jul-Sun-23-Jul
by cbxbiker61
You can tune stepper current on current Marlin with the "traditional/old" printrboards. It is a gcode command which can be stored to the boards internal flash. I don't know if your firmware/board supports it. Note that the default value for stepper current on those boards/firmware is already plenty high, manufacturers tend to hedge high rather than low.

If you have a bind'd be best off fixing the bind rather than trying to overdrive the stepper current. That can open up a whole new can of worms.