Servos on Printrboard?

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Servos on Printrboard?

Postby Jamie_K » 2018-Jan-Sat-14-Jan

Has anyone ever managed to get servos working on a Printrboard (Rev F)?

I have built the firmware using the latest from here
And I got the latest Arduino 1.8.5
And I installed the Teensy from here
Then modified to use the thermistor for my E3D V6.

I had to fix a couple things for it to compile, but I got it working, flashed using Flip, and got a good print.

Now I'm looking to enable a servo, and from outward appearances it should be possible by using e.g. pin PB5 which I think is Arduino D11 and is exposed on Printrboard as EXP1 pin 1.

After enabling servos in Configuration.h: "#define NUM_SERVOS 1" and adding to pins.h "#define SERVO0_PIN 13", everything compiles, but Servo0 (via M280 P0 S90) is not working. The servo does not appear to be getting any PWM command signal at all, because when I turn it by hand it does not try to restore its position.

I am a bit confused by the "Marlin pin numbers" vs. "fastio pin numbers". I tried using Marlin pin number 25 instead, and that didn't work either. But it might not be simply pin numbers. I found a quote from Brook Drumm: "I welcome anyone to comb through our code and figure out a way to add servo support." (from here ... -leveling/) which leads me to wonder if it had been disabled and perhaps never worked after that.

I have searched and I have found no mentions of people successfully getting servos working with a Printrboard. Am I on my own for getting the software working (if it is even possible)?
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Servos on Printrboard?



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