So where the heck would *you* put the LED strip...?

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So where the heck would *you* put the LED strip...?

Postby DavidYon47 » 2017-Jun-Tue-05-Jun

Finally to the point where my printer is back on the air with the Ubis 13S, with the fan/shroud situation all sorted out and basically back to where it used to be. Got the Printrbot-standard shroud printed/attached for the cold end of the Ubis. After several failed starts I found a shroud on Thingiverse which attaches to the cooling fan without interfering with the cold end shroud:

Ubis 13S.jpg

For the moment they are PLA. I'm pretty sure the cold end shroud can stay that way without being adversely affected even by hot temps. The cooling shroud will probably deform if I get into ABS temps, There's a local 3D Hub that does a bunch of materials, but I'd have to ask him to scale the part for me a bit. The PLA shrinkage already has the part shifted at least 1mm to the left, and the right side of the shroud is touching the sock. This would likely get worse in ABS, requiring tweaking the Z dimension by 2-3% and hoping for the best.

I also have the official Printrbot LED strip in the drawer with the power/control cable fished through the bundle. I'm looking at this crowded extruder carriage now and really can't see where I would mount the strip. Maybe to the bottom of the cold end fan? Would need to use adhesive or design my own part. Even then it sits high enough that the cooling fan shroud would block a lot of the light. Perhaps design a simple clip that piggybacks the bottom screws of the cooling fan shroud and positions/aims the light the best I can?

One thing's for sure, there's little to nothing on Thingiverse, at least not for Printrbot's strip. Their video demo seems to show it taped right up under the extruder, but not with an Ubis 13(S) which would have the fan blocking that location.

Anyone been-there/solved-that with this problem?
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So where the heck would *you* put the LED strip...?



Re: So where the heck would *you* put the LED strip...?

Postby IB3D » 2017-Jun-Tue-08-Jun

Probably not the answer you seek, my solution was to not use the printrbot original LED lighting but rather this design from Thingiverse which is slotted and slides over the metal plate end in front of the extruder.
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