Octoprint - Print complete email notification

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Octoprint - Print complete email notification

Postby Corey Warren » 2015-Dec-Tue-17-Dec

I use Octoprint for my 3D printers. I'd love to get an email notification that my print jobs are complete. I tried installing a plug-in for Octoprint but, the link to configure the plug-in never showed up under Installed Plug-ins so I uninstalled, tried again with the same results. (I know, insane right?)

Have any of you Octoprint users setup email notifications? Did you use this plugin? http://plugins.octoprint.org/plugins/emailnotifier/
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Corey Warren
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Octoprint - Print complete email notification



Re: Octoprint - Print complete email notification

Postby teicher » 2015-Dec-Tue-21-Dec

I used this one for a while:

Works great once you set up authentication for the outgoing mail server, sends an email with a photo attached of the print.

UPDATE: Turns out its the same plugin you referred to, just a different URL. Sorry about that.
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