Heat bed and extruder up at same time...

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Heat bed and extruder up at same time...

Postby alan412 » 2015-Dec-Fri-20-Dec

With my printrbot simple metal (with heated bed), the sequence is "heat up bed", then "heat up extruder". Is there anyway I can get the G-code in Slic3r to get both to heat up at the same time?

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Heat bed and extruder up at same time...



Re: Heat bed and extruder up at same time...

Postby RetireeJay » 2015-Dec-Fri-21-Dec

You can look up the functions of G-codes on RepRap.org/wiki.

Some g-codes say "start heating and wait for it to reach temperature" whereas others say "start heating but proceed to the next G-code without waiting. For the Hot End, these are M104 and M109; I don't remember the ones for the bed but you can look them up.

However, then you have the question of a "race"; which one will be the last to reach temperature? If you're sure that the bed (for example) will always be the last to reach temperature then you could start with a command for the Hot End to heat without waiting, and then command the bed to heat with waiting.

Personally, I give "manual" commands to both to heat up immediately, and then I monitor the temperatures myself. When both are ready, I extrude material to make sure the Hot End is fully primed (the Hot End being 30mm above the bed), and pull off the extruded thread immediately before clicking "print."
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Re: Heat bed and extruder up at same time...

Postby Mooselake » 2015-Dec-Sat-14-Dec

I tell it to start up the bed heater and extruder without waiting, then home/etc., position the extruder off the bed in a dump zone, wait for the extruder to heat up, prime it, wait for the bed, then do a fast move to somewhere around the bed center. Or something like that, a fairly recent copy of my startup gcode is somewhere in the forum archive.

My bed heats up pretty fast (big dedicated switching power supply), if yours doesn't I'd add an intermediate lower temp extruder preheat in there to prevent cooking plastic in the extruder, wait for the bed, then go to full temp and prime.

Gcode is a programming language. Within the capability of the machine you can do pretty much whatever you want in your startup sequence. Slic3r allows variable substitution (think taking the bed and print temps from your slicer config rather than varying the startup gcode for different types of plastic). Don't know if Cura does anything similar, but it might. Experimenting can teach you a lot about gcode and your printer, and it's not as hard as you might think.

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Re: Heat bed and extruder up at same time...

Postby bbrown64 » 2015-Dec-Sun-05-Dec

Try Cura, once the hotend and bed temp are set. The software tells both to heat up at the same time. No fuss no muss.
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