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Max position

Postby sam317 » 2015-Apr-Wed-18-Apr

I just got a new printrboard for my metal plus. When I type in M501, the max position reads:
< 7:39:12 PM: echo:Max position (mm):
< 7:39:12 PM: echo: M211 X152.40 Y152.40 Z152.40
< 7:39:12 PM: echo:Bed probe offset (mm):
< 7:39:12 PM: echo: M212 X25.00 Y0.00 Z0.00

Shouldn't the max position be 250? In the settings I have the bed plate set to 250 by 250 by 250. What am i doing wrong?
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Max position



Re: Max position

Postby evanalmighty » 2015-Apr-Wed-18-Apr

So type in M211 X250 Y250 (to change)
then M500 (to save)
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