Z-Axis probe and Endless Commands

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Z-Axis probe and Endless Commands

Postby ajv311 » 2015-Jan-Sun-22-Jan

I received a Printrbot simple for Christmas. I proceeded to put it together and it worked great for the first few weeks. Just during my last print, the Z axis sensor stopped working entirely. When I gave the command for the printer to return to the Z home spot, it would proceed to smash itself into the print bed. After that, the repetier program I have been using now gives hundreds of commands to the printer when it connects to it yet the printrbot does not react, I know this because the commands are shown in the command log in the repetier program under manual control. please help. I do not know how to fix it.


P.S. I am very new to the 3d printing hobby, please explain yourself thoroughly because I probably have no idea what your saying. :lol:
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Z-Axis probe and Endless Commands



Re: Z-Axis probe and Endless Commands

Postby q__ » 2015-Jan-Sun-22-Jan

Are the commands that it is sending "M105"?
That is the command to receive the temperature from the hot-end thermistor.
I was curious about these commands that I was seeing, so I looked it up.

If the commands are something else, let us know!

Also, if you turn the printer on, and wave some metal right under the Z-probe, does the red light on top of it blink?
If it doesn't, check the connection between the probe, and it's extension cable, it may have come un-plugged.
Also double check the connection on the printrboard, too. Follow the colors of the probe cable through the extension and see where it's plugged in.
The BLACK probe wire should be furthest from the other two end-stop cables. My extension has a red wire attached to the black probe wire, so the red extension wire is the furthest from the other endstop connectors (the yellow and black wires on my printer, I am not sure if they are all those color)
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