Simple disconnects when I start job

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Simple disconnects when I start job

Postby melimathlete » 2014-Dec-Sun-03-Dec

I have a slightly old printrbot simple, the one before the makers edition. I use Repetier and Slic3r on a Windows laptop.
What usually happens is that I load my gcode into Repetier, I heat the hotend, and press the Start Print button. After that, it starts normally by homing and heating, but a few seconds after it begins printing the first layer, it stops and my laptop makes the sound that indicates that a device has disconnected and reconnected.

When I move it around or extrude manually I don't have any issues whatsoever. The devices and printers page indicates that it's connected, and shows it disconnect at the same time that it stops. When this happens, Repetier acts like it's still connected, so I press the disconnect button, tell it not to turn heaters off (because it gets stuck when I don't), and press the black button on the printrboard before pressing the connect button.

This has been getting increasingly worse. When I first got my printer it sometimes did this after a few hours of printing, and I thought it was the laptop falling asleep. I have tried reflashing the firmware, printing from other computers, using gcode that has worked in the past, replacing the power supply, using other usb ports, and heating and homing it before I ran the prints. It's not overheating or unplugging wires because of the movement. I don't know what to do now.

Any suggestions?
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Simple disconnects when I start job



Re: Simple disconnects when I start job

Postby RetireeJay » 2014-Dec-Sun-10-Dec

It sounds like a marginal power supply. When you start printing, you can have all four motors running simultaneously, along with your hot end (and heated bed if installed). It's pretty hard to make that happen under manual control, which could be why you don't see it then.

Possibly, you might alleviate the problem some by turning down the current to your motors, as long as you don't get the current so low that they start missing steps. A side benefit is that motors being driven with just the right amount of current are quieter than ones that are being overdriven.

You say you have tried other power supplies, but have you tried ones with higher power ratings? Are you using a laptop supply or an ATX type?
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