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Ubis 13HT Requirements

PostPosted: 2018-Jun-Wed-22-Jun
by KreskinsFolly
I have 2 questions about the UBIS 13 High Temp hotend:

1) Is the UBIS 13HT (High Temp) hot end compatible with my Simple Metal with the Rev F4 board?
The PrintrBot site says you need the Rev F6 but I thought that might be just because that's the board they currently sell.

2) The other 'requirement' to use the UBIS 13HT is a firmware update: "Temperature sensor table must be updated for PT1000 w standard 4.7k ohm pull up"
but there's no indication as to where to get the updated firmware.
I've looked through the PrintrBot GitHub and I can only find what looks like the generic firmware for the Simple Metal.
Does anyone have a source for that firmware with the updated temp sensor table?

Thanks in advance :)

Re: Ubis 13HT Requirements

PostPosted: 2018-Jun-Thu-15-Jun
by RetireeJay
1) I agree with you, I don't see any reason why the F4 would not work.

2) If you download the source code, you can look inside "Configuration.h" and see a number of different temperature tables available for selection. A PT1000 sensor is a platinum resistance sensor, not a thermistor, so be sure your configuration is set up for this.

Re: Ubis 13HT Requirements

PostPosted: 2018-Jun-Sun-23-Jun
by KreskinsFolly
Thanks for the reply, I checked out the source code, there's no table for the PT1000.
I sent in a ticket asking for the modified firmware but not holding out hope.

Re: Ubis 13HT Requirements

PostPosted: 2018-Jun-Mon-02-Jun
by cbxbiker61
pt1000 is listed here in current Marlin code... ... figuration

Are you trying to use old Marlin code? You'd be better off with current Marlin. I have a thread here with a link to patched Marlin 1.1.8. You could config that for the pt1000 and you'd be set.