Does Repetier V2.0.1 still support @pause ? [SOLVED]

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Does Repetier V2.0.1 still support @pause ? [SOLVED]

Postby RetireeJay » 2018-Mar-Thu-11-Mar

I've used the @pause command in Repetier Host quite successfully in the past, but today it didn't seem to work. I'm probably on a more recent version of Repetier than the one I was using the last time it worked. Does anyone know if Repetier Host V2.0.1 dropped support for the command?

I realized part way through a print that my filament was going to run out, and I needed to swap in a new spool. While the print was running, I used the Editor within Repetier to add an @pause command right at the layer change, several layers ahead of where the print was currently printing, but Repetier just blew by the @pause without stopping!
Code: Select all
G1 X28.228 Y145.866 E43.54158 ; infill
G1 E43.24158 F30000.00000 ; retract
G92 E0 ; reset extrusion distance
@pause  my pause
G1 Z55.225 F6000.000 ; move to next layer (220)
G1 X27.552 Y143.407 F6000.000 ; move to first perimeter point
G1 E0.30000 F30000.00000 ; unretract

BTW, I was successful in just pushing in the new filament behind the tail end of the old filament, so the extruder never missed a beat.

EDIT: Repetier does implement the @pause command, but apparently only if the command is present in the G-code file before starting the print. If you try to edit the G-code file while the print is executing, it seems to ignore the command.

EDIT 2: Official answer from Repetier: Yes, when you start a print, Repetier actually copies from the editable version into another internal file that it uses for printing. Changes to the editable version made DURING a print are therefore ignored. Only the UI "Pause" button will work in that case.
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Does Repetier V2.0.1 still support @pause ? [SOLVED]



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