Printrboard Rev D - Steppers Won't Work

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Printrboard Rev D - Steppers Won't Work

Postby REPRAP SQUAD » 2018-Mar-Sat-17-Mar

I have an older Printrbot plus V2 with v 2.1 upgrades. I'm using a printer board rev d board. For some reason when I use repetier now the board will connect fine and I can turn on fans and extruder. Extruder temps come up and hotend gets warm. No matter what I hit steppers won't react. They don't attempt to make any movement no matter what I hit. I have checked the wiring multiple times and haven't changed anything since it was last working a few months ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Printrboard Rev D - Steppers Won't Work



Re: Printrboard Rev D - Steppers Won't Work

Postby RetireeJay » 2018-Mar-Sat-18-Mar

Welcome back to the forum, old-timer. ;)
Are you using Repetier for your User Interface? Repetier keeps a log of what the board is saying. I guess Cura and Pronterface do too.

Anyway, just start up the Plus, connect your UI, and look at the log (before you send any commands) to see if the board is telling you it's not happy.
Next, try issuing motion commands without asking for any heat on any channel. It should be able to home in X, Y, and Z without heating the bed or hot end.

If the board can communicate with your computer, that proves the CPU is alive and it has its appropriate power supply voltages (5V and 3.3V). If the heaters can heat up, that also proves that you have 12V.
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