G2 board issues...

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G2 board issues...

Postby alberto2000 » 2018-Feb-Sun-16-Feb

I have a Simple Metal with heated bed and just installed the G2 board. I flashed the firmware that is linked to the getting started guide.

The motors make a loud hissing noise when turned on. It's like they get too much current. Can I adjust the current in a similar manner as described here?
https://printrbot.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/ ... /209540226 The described gcodes do not work - I guess the G2 firmware takes JSON instead and may expect different gcodes than Marlin? Is there a list of all codes for the G2? What is the recommended firmware for the G2 on a Simple Metal with heated bed?
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G2 board issues...



Re: G2 board issues...

Postby cbxbiker61 » 2018-Feb-Sun-21-Feb

You can not adjust current the same way on a G2 board. I'm pretty sure someone mentioned you can switch the G2 board into standard gcode mode away from json.

This is probably a good place to start.

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