computer won't connect to printer

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computer won't connect to printer

Postby cole » 2017-Mar-Wed-17-Mar

I recently came to my printer halfway through a print with a clogged hot end. After attempting and failing to pull the filament out, I turned off the printer. Later, when I turned it back on, it wouldn't connect via usb to the computer. I am not sure if these two things are related. In the past, the printer hasn't been able to connect because it couldn't find the reading from a disconnected extruder, but this time the Octoprint software won't even detect the printer. I checked the wiring of the hot end but nothing seemed wrong. Any ideas on why the printer won't connect?
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computer won't connect to printer



Re: computer won't connect to printer

Postby mcdader » 2017-May-Wed-11-May

Not knowing what type of printer or board, I would try connecting it to a PC and see if it is recognized. If not I would try bootloader mode. Then go from there.

From my research, Odd things seem to happen sometimes when printer is disconnected from power.
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