Rev B printrboard auto print?

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Rev B printrboard auto print?

Postby Msmaster321 » 2017-Jan-Mon-09-Jan

So long story short my Rev B board does not connect to my computer anymore, I tried different USB cables reinstalling the driver, using a different computer but still nothing works. I am convinced that the USB port is the issue. I took it to a cell phone shop and they said that they charge $60 an hour and that this would cost me around $40. I will not spend the money because new boards are around $70. So my actual question is if the Printrboard Rev B version supports auto print with an SD card?
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Rev B printrboard auto print?



Re: Rev B printrboard auto print?

Postby PxT » 2017-Mar-Thu-12-Mar

Late reply here, but yes this is supported. It's a feature of Marlin and really nothing to do with which Printrboard you have. Name your gcode file "auto0.g" and put it at the root level of the SD card. Make sure your operating system isn't adding any extra file extensions it must be exactly auto0.g

Put the SD card in and then connect power - in that order. The machine should start printing automatically (note that you may not see anything happening for a minute or two as it heats up)
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