Fan won't turn on

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Fan won't turn on

Postby Psykenthrope » 2016-Jun-Sun-15-Jun

Hello all, this is my first time posting to this forum.

I am trying to print a simple project on my printrbot simple metal, using the Cura program.
unfortunately the fan does not seem to want to turn on, and I have been unable to find the control to turn it on.
am i missing something? does it turn on later in the printing process?
Any and all help would be appreciated.
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Fan won't turn on



Re: Fan won't turn on

Postby RetireeJay » 2016-Jun-Sun-15-Jun

Did you build this from a kit, or buy it fully assembled?

Many recent models have more than one fan; which specific fan are you referring to? If there's one for cooling the body of the extruder, it should be wired on all the time. If you are referring to a fan for cooling the print (which is under software control), are you giving it a command to run at 100% power (at least to start)? Some fans don't start to move until they get very close to 100% power, although once they are running you can cut power significantly. A fan that has some power but not enough will be emitting a whine, and it can be started up if you flick it with your finger.
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