slicer print setting

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slicer print setting

Postby mcshannon » 2017-Apr-Wed-08-Apr

I was using Slic3r for the Printrbot Plus I mentioned buying used. The person I got them from helped me get setup, and imported a setting config file.

I am trying to use a different slicer Craftware. I thought about just coping over the setting from Slic3r over, It got me curious to ask here (group with similar printers) what settings do you use for PLA?

Extruder temp?
Bed Temp?
Print speed?
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slicer print setting



Re: slicer print setting

Postby Mooselake » 2017-Apr-Wed-10-Apr

Use the same numbers that work well with slic3r, then try improving them one at a time.

Your extruder temp can vary by filament spool, your PLA mix will not be the same as mine unless we used the same suppliers and colors, and our plastic came from the same batch. Same thing with bed temp, although I've found that 60C works pretty well for PLA.

Speed is very dependent on your model bot, how well it's been broken in, how well you keep up with lubrication, motor current settings, and it's production tolerances. Acceleration can matter as much as speed (you likely won't get there on short segments). Same approach as above, boost until it's not acceptable, then back off. 80% is a good rule. Speed, jerk, and acceleration interact so it's an iterative process. Your opinion of speed vs print quality/appearance will be different than mine or some other source. At best somebody else's settings are only a starting point, at worst they'll just waste your time.

I've used Craft Unique's Craftware; it's another tool that's worth keeping in the toolbox. Slicers aren't magic, and unless seriously flawed won't make significant differences in your printer's performance. Cura won't make the hot end melt differently than slic3r, Craftware, KISSlicer, S3D, etc. nor will they somehow make the mechanics somehow different. That said they might manage to generate better paths and gain a bit of speed.

My modified plywood plus is limited by how fast the all metal ubis (the 13's predecessor) can melt plastic - or rather by how slow it is. It's limited to around 8mm^3/sec by an inadequate heater core and I use slicer's volumetric option to keep it within it's limits. Within that constraint I set it for 120mm/sec, and 40mm/sec perimeters to improve the surface finish. YMMV. Experiment. As a fringe benefit you'll learn a lot about your printer and how it works.

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