Repetier-Host Settings for Printerbot 1405?

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Repetier-Host Settings for Printerbot 1405?

Postby C-Nick » 2017-Dec-Sun-21-Dec

Once upon of time I had my printer perfectly calibrated.
A few years without me running prints, I somehow misplaced all slic3r and Repetier-Host settings.

I cannot find any manuals, videos, printer specifications on the Following:

In Repetier-Host

Baud Rate:
Receive Cache Size

Travel Feed Rate:
Z-Axis Feed Rate:
Manual Extrusion Speed:
Manual Retraction Speed:

In Slic3r:
Layer Height:
First Layer Height:
All speed settings:
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Repetier-Host Settings for Printerbot 1405?



Re: Repetier-Host Settings for Printerbot 1405?

Postby RetireeJay » 2017-Dec-Sun-22-Dec

In Repetier, you can use any baud rate, because the USB serial connection runs at full USB speed; the COM port is emulated. Mine is set at using 250000.
My cache size is set at 63, but it's OK to try 127.
My travel feed rate is set at 3000 mm/min (50mm/sec)
My Z axis feed rate is set at 300 mm/min (5mm/sec)
My manual extrusion speed is set at 1mm/sec (the box beside it is 20mm/sec)
My manual retraction speed is 30mm/sec

In Slic3r, it's normal to set the layer height to between 50% and 85% of your nozzle diameter. If I'm using a 0.4mm nozzle, I often use a layer height of 0.25mm, with the first layer 125% of that.
The number of perimeters just depends on how solid you want your part to be. Four perimeters is often a good choice.
Speed again depends on a number of factors; 50mm/sec is usually conservative. Some people routinely run much faster than that, but as you go to higher and higher speeds eventually you run into quality compromises or problems with the extruder jamming because it can't melt the plastic fast enough. It's material-dependent; elastic filament can't be extruded as fast as stiff filament. It's also dependent on your nozzle diameter and layer height. And quality issues can also be tweaked by adjusting acceleration settings.
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