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printrbot simple metal homing y opposite of limit switch??

PostPosted: 2019-Aug-Tue-10-Aug
by shelby50411

im new to printrbot so please bare with me..i bought this used and obviously he had this machine configured differently than stock

when i try to home y the limit switch never triggers becasue its on opposite side

there are no mounting holes on opposite side?

where is y limit suppose to be mounted and where is y home position?

how can i cahnge the y home position ? since on mine i need to make y home towards the rear of bed not front since limit switch is on opposite side

fyi if you are looking at the machine from the front i consider front of bed towards you and rear of bed away from you

Re: printrbot simple metal homing y opposite of limit switch

PostPosted: 2019-Aug-Tue-11-Aug
by shelby50411
i belive the y limit switch is in the proper location but the y homing direction needs to be reversed and not sure how to do that with this model printer

does anyone kow how i can get to the settings..i have done this via my cnc router but not sure to get to settgins on this machine

Re: printrbot simple metal homing y opposite of limit switch

PostPosted: 2019-Aug-Tue-15-Aug
by shelby50411
i flipped the y motor connector 180deg on the printrboard and now it homes to the limit switch

obvioul;sy the person who sold me this lied and sold it to me in non working condition it seems

i dont believe it could have been used if the homing limit switch was not made

i tried using cura 15.4 in xp to create a gcode file so i can try to print via pronterface but cura will not save seems cura has major issues ..cura has failed in all aspects during this entire prcess of trying to hook up my printrbot

i will try slic3r to create my gcode