Printrbot Simple Metal serial write timeout error

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Printrbot Simple Metal serial write timeout error

Postby accuprintr » 2018-Dec-Wed-01-Dec

I get serial write timeout error in Cura on one of my Printrbot Simple Metal printers with revision F6 printrboard. Error occurs when I set hot end temperature to anything above 20 degrees (room temperature). My hot bed is going up to any temperature without error. Printing from MicroSD card doesn't work. Hot end never heats up.

I have checked wiring, but don't know how to test hot end. Printer was used for 3 years. Was able to get replacement hot end, but it's hard to find replacement printrboard.
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Printrbot Simple Metal serial write timeout error



Re: Printrbot Simple Metal serial write timeout error

Postby RetireeJay » 2018-Dec-Wed-09-Dec

If you are setting the temperature with an M109 command, the 'bot is going to wait for the temperature to reach setpoint before doing anything else. However, if you use an M104 command, it tells the hot end to heat up but the 'bot will still accept other commands.

So, send a command like "M104 S190" and see if the hot end heats up. If communication with the board fails immediately, or there's evidence of a reset, then either your power supply (and wiring) can't deliver normal amounts of power to the board, or else the heater circuit is shorted and it's trying to pull way too much power and causing a brief power failure.

If there's no power glitch and you can continue to communicate with the board, but the temperature readout stays at about 20C, then clearly you are not getting any power to the hot end. In that case, there are only a few possible culprits. The most likely problem is fatigue failure in the power wiring from the board to the heater. Next in line would be a burnt-out heater. After that, there's the possibility of a defective connection from the cable to the board, and finally there's the possibility of a burned-out power MOSFET no longer delivering power.
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