Motors not working when extruder is on. Z axis won't go down

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Motors not working when extruder is on. Z axis won't go down

Postby ProfessorPuppos » 2018-Mar-Sun-06-Mar

Hello, I recently got a new Rev F board for my Printrbot Simple Makers Kit, the wooden one. It never worked before and I'm just getting it working. I'm using Repetier Host to make sure everything works, and ran into a few problems. First, I can manually move the motors just fine, and the extruder works as well. But as soon as I try to move the motors when the extruder is heating, they fly to the end stops and buzz loudly until I shut them down. Could this be an issue with the power supply not supplying enough juice? The power supply I'm using is a benchtop supply rated at 5A, might be a little underpowered? I don't understand why they would suddenly move in ways that I didn't tell them to.

Another problem, though this could be a software issue for all I know. The Z stop moves up and down above what it believes to be home, I assume. If I press home again, it moves up quite a bit, then decides that this position is the new home, and won't go any lower. This results in the Z axis getting higher and higher, moving far away from the print bed. Shouldn't the home position bring the sensor down until it detects the bed?

Thanks for any help, pretty new to 3D printers.
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Motors not working when extruder is on. Z axis won't go down



Re: Motors not working when extruder is on. Z axis won't go

Postby RetireeJay » 2018-Mar-Sun-06-Mar

Well, for starters you definitely need more than a 5A supply! If you don't have a heated bed, you could probably get away with a 15A supply; if you have a heated bed then it's more like 30A. Most people use either ATX supplies (computer power supplies) or LED supplies - both of which are reasonably priced.

You can check the status of your "endstops" with M119. If the Z axis always reports "TRIGGERED" then look for the cause. Open circuit (unplugged or broken wire) equals "TRIGGERED".
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