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Manually homing the z axis

PostPosted: 2017-Sep-Sat-02-Sep
by Maxk68
How do you manually adjust the z height whithout using a computer?

I have been using my printrbot simple and using the sd card to load prints because the connector for the computer hook up does not work, how do I adjust the z height without a computer, right now a print start to scrape the tape off the bed.

I am using the auto0.g code to run the print, is there a code I can us to reset the bed using the sd card, or does it have to be done manually?

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Manually homing the z axis

PostPosted: 2017-Sep-Sat-17-Sep
by ktfergus
You can physically lower the z probe. Just use the two wooden wrenches that came with the simple. Although I've never printed from an SD card; each print starts with the auto bed level, correct? Try about half a turn at a time & see if the hotend ends up higher when the print starts.


Re: Manually homing the z axis

PostPosted: 2017-Oct-Sun-18-Oct
by frankv
What happens during the print depends on the gcode generated by the slicer.

I haven't used a Z-probe for years, so I don't have Slic3r generate any auto-levelling commands, nor any Z homing. My bed is manually leveled.

The printer assumes it is at Z=0 when the power is turned on, so just move it there by winding the Z axis screw before (or after) power-on.

I always print perimeters, so that whilst the perimeter is printing I can tweak the Z screw up or down a little to get the perfect width trace.