Need help on cooling

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Need help on cooling

Postby CantSayIHave » 2017-Aug-Fri-19-Aug

So, I've had a simple metal for about a 1 and a half years now, and a heated bed for 6 months. I have an enclosure around my printer, which is great during the winter, but this summer I've repeatedly found the pla melting at the extruder, likely because of the stepper motor heat + the extruder + the bed below. I'm not really sure what to do - without a case, the bed tends not to hold the print on. But with the case, the air inside gets too hot for the arm to sink the necessary heat, and the pla clogs up in the extruder. Should I add some kind of extra cooling system for the extruder? Like air or liquid? I'm not really sure what's best. The main thing is I can't let it interfere with the bed.

I'd love to know if others have had this problem. Thanks
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Need help on cooling



Re: Need help on cooling

Postby RetireeJay » 2017-Aug-Fri-20-Aug

Does your extruder have a fan? What model extruder is it?

Most people print PLA successfully without a case around the printer. There are dozens and dozens of posts about finding just the right combination of bed surface material, bed surface cleanliness, and exactly the right clearance between the nozzle and the bed to achieve good adhesion (a partial catalog of posts is here). PLA usually doesn't even require a heated bed.
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Re: Need help on cooling

Postby ktfergus » 2017-Aug-Wed-14-Aug

What type of hotend are you using? If you don't have a Ubis 13s, I highly recommend switching to one.

Installing a secondary fan for the hotend is fairly easy. This post over at Thingiverse has a nice rundown of the process:

Here's the set up I have now:

I've attached the fan mount .stl and a fan guard .stl if you'd like to try it out. (One, or both files might be in inches, so you may have to scale them...) The fan mount is removable so it's easier to access the hotend to clean or change nozzles,etc.
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