Ubis 13S initial install

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Ubis 13S initial install

Postby DavidYon47 » 2017-Jun-Sun-20-Jun

Pre my earlier thread where my original ceramic Ubis died, I received my 13S, 30mm fan, and LED strip (for the heck of it) on Friday. Finally got a chance to do the surgery today, and along the way flashed cbxbiker's Marlin 1.1.3 into the printer. I took a guess on which of the zillion permutations I needed, and appear to have guessed right. And so far the 1.1.3 appears to be well worth the upgrade. As is the 13S.

I dry-fitted the 30mm fan to the 13S with a single wire tie, and for now have the LED's connector tucked into the extruder carriage until I figure out where to mount it (I suspect the Ubis shroud). After some fiddling I managed to get a perfect calibration cube, and at much higher speed than I've been working with.

The biggest hiccup was my slicer settings had far too low a temp. I have suspected that my original thermister has always been way off, as my default for Black PLA has been a frigid 182C. When I attempted to print at that temp with the 13S, the extruder kept skipping steps at print speed since the PLA wasn't melting fast enough. I bumped it to 192C and it came out perfect.

I will do two PLA shrouds: one for the cool end, a new one for the nozzle as my original will not fit. After that I have to decide whether I want to sacrifice the other 0.4mm as a rarely-used ABS nozzle (I bought the assorted nozzle kit), or forego the hassle and have an online shop print them in ABS for me.

But so far so good. While I've only done a cube, the uniformity of the print at such high speed is encouraging. The only thing I have to face is relearning the temperatures.
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Ubis 13S initial install



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