Did I lose my entire hot end?

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Did I lose my entire hot end?

Postby pbtalkAM » 2017-Feb-Thu-12-Feb

So I ran a print last night and when I woke up this morning it went awry. The insulating sleeve literally popped out and is full with plastic, and the hot and itself is covered in plastic. Check out the attached photos :-)

I'm kind of surprised because I use a heated bed with kapton squares at 65 degrees Celsius.

I'm at work all day so I have time to think about whether or not it makes sense to try to save this thing, I'm thinking if I heat the hot end To 170C or so I should be able to peel away most of the plastic, but I definitely need to replace the sleeve.

That said, does it make sense to upgrade to the more advanced hot end that they offer? I read the description on the website and it talks about a more efficient and summer design but does that translate into more reliable or functional? That would be my primary focus, reliability and functionality....

A y advice much appreciated...thanks!!!!
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Did I lose my entire hot end?



Re: Did I lose my entire hot end?

Postby musk » 2017-Feb-Thu-13-Feb

It's worth trying to save your existing one just on principle, as long as you don't damage anything else in the process.

The 13s is a more "accurate" hotend, in part due to the shorter melt zone causing less ooze. Though you'll probably want to cool it with a fan for it to reliably avoid jams.
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Re: Did I lose my entire hot end?

Postby tlum » 2017-Feb-Mon-18-Feb

I had that happen, its a mess but you can probably salvage it. Dremel it off, drill it off, heat, repeat. Took a bit but just be careful if the plastic got around the wires for the hotend.
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