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Trying to figure out firmware. (not sure where to put this)

PostPosted: 2017-Jan-Thu-14-Jan
by Vapor
If this isn't where this post should go, I apologize. I'm not finding the info I'm looking for, but I'm sure it's here somewhere.

I put some z probe firmware on my old wooden simple a long time ago. I've been meaning to update it forever but just haven't done it.

Today I'm changing out some parts and am having to recalibrate my z probe.

The firmware I put on it so long ago was one that had the 9 point z leveling instead of the normal 3. (I don't know why). It's a wooden simple, but the Y limit switch is on the front near the extruder instead of the back like stock. (once again, I'm not sure why.)

Anyhow, now that I'm updating other things, I want to go back and put new firmware on.

I've been looking and can only find one listed on the git. Is it a unified firmware? Will I have to go in and edit it to show where the stop switches are?

I'm feeling pretty brain dead and things just aren't making sense to me.