Printrbot Simple issues after Marlin update

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Printrbot Simple issues after Marlin update

Postby sirbull » 2016-Nov-Tue-14-Nov

Hi! I finally updated my Printrbot Simple (Wood) With Rev D PrintrBoard to Marlin firmware.
Problem is that now nothing works properly! Everything worked with the old firmware (everything was correct wired!), but the prints was kind of unprecise so therefor a firmware update i though.

The problem now is that Y and Z axis is messed up. While the X axis works as it should, the Y axis won't home anymore and only moved one direction if I manually move it.
If I try to home the Z axis, the part moves up a bit, then down again. I can manuallt move the Z axis upwards, but not down again.

I have no idea how to fix this, and is kind of desperate to be honest. I need my printer now...
Is there any out there who had a similar problem?


FIXED! My brother compiled a legacy firmware into the new Printrbot Firmware Updatr by editing the installatiion script on GitHub. The script installed the good old firmware for my wooden Printrbot Simple (1312), and everything is back to normal again. Well... have some calibration to do...
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Printrbot Simple issues after Marlin update



Re: Printrbot Simple issues after Marlin update

Postby RetireeJay » 2016-Nov-Tue-15-Nov

If you click the home icon for the Y axis, does it move at all? It might move the wrong direction, but if you can move it under manual control then it should be able to move when homing too. Start by putting the Y axis about halfway while the power is off, then turn it on and try issuing a manual command to move a short distance in the positive direction. Hopefully it moves away from the home "endstop" switch. If it moves in the wrong direction, then (with power off) reverse the way the Y motor is plugged in to the board, and that will get it moving away from the switch. Then try homing. If it moves in the correct direction, toward your switch, then that's good. But the problem is that some versions of Marlin (particularly ones you get from Printrbot) may have been set up to "home" to Y Max instead of Y = 0. This may or may not be correctable by changing settings in EEPROM.

The symptom on your Z axis sounds like a problem where the "endstop" switch is either not plugged in to the board or else it's being held permanently in a "homed" position.
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