Printrbot Play stop printing after 1 minute

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Printrbot Play stop printing after 1 minute

Postby kresi » 2016-Oct-Sat-17-Oct

Hi there,

I got here a "new" printrbot Play for a few month now. Never got it working and have solved quite some issues with it.
The newest one I got is, that the Play stops after one minute printing (USB and MicroSD card) and is restarting itself. I also tried the SD troubleshooting with the 3 mm box. It won´t even start printing.
I thought it could be overheating and have cooled down the PCB. No success.

Anybody got a clue what to do? We have ordered three systems and only one is printing "most of the time". The other two are at the moment hardware replacement parts.


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Printrbot Play stop printing after 1 minute



Re: Printrbot Play stop printing after 1 minute

Postby RetireeJay » 2016-Oct-Sat-21-Oct

Self-restarting is often a symptom of a power supply that's marginal and dropping out when the load briefly increases. The solution is probably to use a more powerful supply. If you can substitute a bigger supply at no cost (even for a trial) that's the best way to verify. There are other possible causes, so this one idea is not guaranteed to be the right one.
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Re: Printrbot Play stop printing after 1 minute

Postby Mooselake » 2016-Oct-Sun-10-Oct

All of those printers came with a factory warranty. Did you ever contact Printrbot tech support about them? That's a fair amount of money to tie up with defective hardware. Brook's attitude that you must be polite when discussing defects applies; they will "fire" customers if you aren't, and sometimes will if they think you've had too many problems (which is odd considering their QA problems). I'd consider asking them if you can return the defective units to your local dealer (your IP address suggests you're in Germany) for them to examine and repair/replace.

They have gone beyond the stated warranty terms (might be 3 months, haven't looked in a while) to repair out of warranty items, just remember they're prickly and you need to be nice.

If you are unable to resolve the issues with Printrbot (which hopefully won't happen) the Monoprice Mini is a similar sized alternative and considerably less expensive, at least in the states.

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