PLAY heated bed stopped working

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PLAY heated bed stopped working

Postby shawistle » 2017-Jul-Sat-00-Jul

I had the Printrbot Play with heated bed upgrade since 2 years ago. Recently I found that the heated bed stopped heating up.

I noticed the issue when I sent a print job, it never started the print due to the bed temperature won't rise.
I manually turned off the heated bed, and it prints PLA as good as before.

The same setup I have been using for the past 2 years, so the power supply is up to spec and no wiring issues. I have double checked the wiring of the heated bed to make sure it didn't wear out.

Have you seen this problem before? How to diagnose and fix it? Thanks!
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PLAY heated bed stopped working



Re: PLAY heated bed stopped working

Postby RetireeJay » 2017-Jul-Sat-07-Jul

When you checked the wiring to the bed, did you use an ohmmeter? It's very possible for wires to break internally due to fatigue and still look fine on the outside. Also check the solder joints where the wires connect to the bed. Which Printrboard do you have? If it's Rev D, check for signs of heating at the bed connector, which would indicate a bad connector that needs to be cleaned or replaced. If it's Rev F, make sure the bed wires are properly inserted into the screw terminals and that the screws are tight.

If all that looks good, use a voltmeter on the bed terminals to see if you're getting 12V when the board is calling for heat. Repetier Host can show you a graph of the power that's being called for.
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