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Suggestions for posting in other languages

PostPosted: 2011-Dec-Wed-16-Dec
by plexus
It would be great for all of us to be able to participate in talking about the printrbot. The regional areas have been set up so people in different places and discuss with their fellow printrbot users in their region. however if you discuss topics that are of a general interest nature to people with printrbots it would be great if you would consider posting in english in the appropriate forum rather than regionally just so we can share knowledge widely. But its up to you.

Re: Suggestions for posting in other languages

PostPosted: 2011-Dec-Thu-06-Dec
by Marcus
So would it be okey for meetups and such? Or english for all subjects?
Some may not speak/write english fluently, so it's probably a difficult subject. Perhaps it should be allowed to write in a different language, without discriminating other users (as sadly, it has been done in some forums).
Other then that, I agree, english as main language would be good.

Re: Suggestions for posting in other languages

PostPosted: 2011-Dec-Fri-12-Dec
by plexus
You decide what is best. like if its a post directed at people in your area to meet up, then of course your native language would be fine. if its a post about something more general that might interest people all over the world, then i would suggest english just so more people can benefit from your posts and you can benefit from their replies.