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pbCNC beta

PostPosted: 2018-Feb-Sat-14-Feb
by mwalimu
Has anyone else bought the CNC bare bones kit? It's a pretty good value, but it's been a nightmare to build.

Re: pbCNC beta

PostPosted: 2018-Jun-Sat-00-Jun
by okaybrittain
Did you end up finishing yours? I am working on putting mine together right now and I am confused by the picture of the wiring scheme. There is only one set of motors going into the board for the two z axis motors. How did you solve this?

Edit: They get spliced together and connected to the board.

Re: pbCNC beta

PostPosted: 2018-Oct-Wed-14-Oct
by okaybrittain
Got everything up and running. My big stumbling block at this point is the control board. My kit came with the tinyg v9 board. It appears that it is a development board that has not seen wide release. Finding a way to store calibration information has been a hassle for me, as it is not supported on this board yet. So far the best option seems to be, determine what the calibrated values are, write them into the firmware, and then compile from source and flash to the board. I think I might just end up buying a v8 board. I have learned a lot building this machine!