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Windows 8.1 - Repetier - Windows 3D Builder

PostPosted: 2014-Jul-Thu-12-Jul
by AmazingSpanoMan
OK... I have 2 metal simples both running the version of the firmware that can be found on the page. ( ... are_v2.hex).

Recently it looked like someone was reorganizing the printrbot firmwares in a nice, easy to find way on GitHub but I can't seem to find it anymore. Furthermore, there seems to be a newly released firmware (15 days old) at ... imple-1403.

With this said, I'm very confused as to which firmware version should be used and is most recent. I really thought that this was going to be organized a bit better but then everything exploded again.

Anyway, I'm using the one from the official simple starter page and it works just fine. I have been using both printers via an Apple computer and have had no issue getting it connected and printing very easily.
I'm now trying to get one of the printers to connect to my Windows 8.1 desktop but it won't find the printer or connect either in Repetier or 3D builder. I thought that native drivers dropped with 8.1? I've tried resetting both the computer and the printer with the printer connected and not during reboot. The only way I can get it to work is by installing the virtual port (Com4) which is what people had to do before 8.1.

Anyone have luck getting the printer to work via the native drivers? is there something special I have to do to get it to install the drivers?

I really want to try out the 3D builder and use this thing at home on my desk in my room without having to open up my mac laptop. This is especially the case when I need to slice large files as my desktop is much much more powerful than my laptop.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Windows 8.1 - Repetier - Windows 3D Builder

PostPosted: 2014-Jul-Wed-08-Jul
by AmazingSpanoMan

I now also have my Wood Makers 1405 simple (used the upgrade kit from the 2014 version).

I just flashed the most recent firmware that I could find (there is still some issue with firmware organization) dated release was 20 Days ago as per GitHub.

My Windows 8.1 computer still will not see the printer as a printrbot. It just comes up as an unknown device. This is the case for all three printers.

Ideas? Maybe there is a newer firmware floating in the abyss that I can't find? There are so many versions floating around it's rather hard to figure out what to use.

Re: Windows 8.1 - Repetier - Windows 3D Builder

PostPosted: 2015-Apr-Sun-02-Apr
by ThereWillBprints2
I too have been embossing in 3d builder. However, I have yet to see a version working. I have a 1405 that has never been flashed and the only way for it to go is if Microsoft allows the unidentified printer. They don't do that usually. @barnacles on twitter has many different printers and also works within Microsoft, so he may know more.

I hope this helps and I too wish it worked "out of the box." Also have a Gates McFadden version too!

Re: Windows 8.1 - Repetier - Windows 3D Builder

PostPosted: 2015-Apr-Sun-03-Apr
by ThereWillBprints2
Here is something I just did. It is a base of a trophy.