Macintosh & Software

Macintosh & Software

Postby goblue3313 » 2014-Mar-Mon-14-Mar

When I first received my PrintrBot I had some major issues using my MacBook Pro and the 3D Printing software.
First, I tried the Repetier software but it won't connect to my printer. I downloaded the driver and that still did not work.
Then, I got the Pronterface (Printrun-Mac) software to work. The problem is that it is not the user-friendly and it doesn't have Slic3r software built in like Repetier does.
So, my PrintrBot Jr. v2 is up and running but, I am not very satisfied with the print quality and the software usability.
Any Mac users out there that have great success using something else?

System Specs:
OSX Version 10.9.2
PrintrBot Jr. v2
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Macintosh & Software



Re: Macintosh & Software

Postby plexus » 2014-Mar-Mon-18-Mar

Repetier-host has a better user interface as you've discovered. here are my settings that work well with my printers. Slic3r is ok but I prefer Kisslicer because it has better tool path algorithms and I prefer the parameters. but the Kisslicer dev has gone AWOL. You can still download it and use it.

So first try and get Repetier working and then move onto slicing. you can of course use Slic3r or whatever. here is my workflow as an example:

design in CAD (viacad 9 pro, alibre, etc), export STL, if needed use netfab and mesh lab to manipulate the STL (which is rarely needed), import into slicing app, export gcode and send to printer.
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