Printerboard G2, How to do manual control of extruder?

Printerboard G2, How to do manual control of extruder?

Postby themzlab » 2017-Aug-Sun-09-Aug


My printer is a Simple 1403 with most current updates on it (as of July 2017). It has X axis upgrade with heated bed, though I have not done any heating yet. It has Ubis 13S hotend and now it has a Printerboard G2.,

My *problem* is that I do not have a way to drive the extruder in manual mode anymore. I used to do this with Repetier. My workflow was to use Repetier on a Mac Mini that is always connected to the printer with USB. This is a very simple setup that allowed me to drive the extruder forward and backward to replace, purge, preheat, etc.

To get running with the new board I installed Cura. Cura lacks any controls for the printer.

I have been trying to enter gcode (using Repetier) to get the extruder to run in relative mode and have had success getting it to move but I cannot control the **feedrate**.

I have been referencing the documentation on github, synthetos repo, g2 project, it has a wiki on Marlin-Compatibility

This is what I have tried:

to put the extruder into relative mode

and enter a command like this (minus 1mm filament "E" extruder).
G1 E-1 F300 ;retract the filament a bit

F is supposed to be a feedrate control but this does not seem to affect the speed no matter how slow I go.

I might try Octoprint later but I assume the same problem will still exist. I'll still need to figure out how to send the proper codes to this new 32-bit board that does not directly speak 'Marlin'. It speaks a new flavor of g-code.

other thoughts?


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Printerboard G2, How to do manual control of extruder?



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