Flash firmware with heated bed and LCD

Flash firmware with heated bed and LCD

Postby kenmarold » 2017-Jan-Tue-13-Jan

I reflashed my firmware with the firmware version on the Printrbot site but the LCD isn't working is there a firmware build that includes support for both the LCD and heated bed?
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Flash firmware with heated bed and LCD



Re: Flash firmware with heated bed and LCD

Postby cbxbiker61 » 2017-Jun-Wed-21-Jun

The PrintrBoard F series do not have enough flash space to drive an LCD with Marlin 1.1.x. The older "official" source release should fit, but it may be difficult/impossible to find someone that has a compiled version.

In my case I have OctoPrint/Pi setup with a touchscreen LCD running a QT based GUI of my design that lets you control the printer, such as loading/unloading filament and the other common things you want to do.

The cool thing about my QT app is that it compiles into a dedicated front-end for the Pi/OctoPrint, and a windowing version when compiled on my workstation. This allows me to monitor my prints through a small video window on my notebook.
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